Advanced Field Analysis Features

Pre-plant and In-season Weed Mapping

  • Herbicide treatment plan

Post-emergence Population Analysis
  • Performance versus as planted
  • Planter issue identification
  • Replant decision support
  • Nutrition plan modification/update

Crop Health Analysis

  • General health assessment
  • Water stress identification
  • Weather damage assessment
  • Pest damage identification
  • Fungicide decision support

Crop Stage Identification
  • Precision imagery with ground truthing
  • Canopy Height
  • Canopy Closure
Tassel Count
  • Yield Estimation
  • Fungicide application decision support
Live Mapping
  • Real-time crop health visibility as flying
Real-time Analytics
  • Real-time stand count and weed mapping visibility as flying
Site-specific Management
  • Effective management of yield limiting factors