13 Flights636910288531262106

48 Hour Turnaround636910288744856396

5 Layers


Row Tracer

Row Tracer traces each crop row, identifying weak and missing stand and providing insight into overall stand health and potential replant zones.  Because Row Tracer is created using ultra-high resolution imagery, it can identify issues, such as equipment errors, that may not be visible via other imagery or on a yield map. The Emergence Score, which is based on the Row Tracer, can help identify and prioritize early season issues across the entire operation.

Weed Watch

Weed Watch highlights the location and intensity of weed pressure, providing an early alert to areas where sprays are needed. Weed Watch’s heat maps can be exported to guide variable rates and verify herbicide recommendations. The sortable weed score based on the insights of Weed Watch helps identify and prioritize early season herbicide applications across the entire operation. 

Yield Risk

Yield Risk pinpoints abnormal areas in the field, providing insight into any issues that could affect yield.  Yield Risk maps can be exported to maximize efficient scouting and make sure every bushel is accounted for. The health score based on Yield Risk areas helps identify and prioritize plant health issues across the entire operation throughout the season. 

Trend Zones

The Trend Zone layer compares the field to itself from the previous flight to identify areas where stress is spiking. Frequent flights, paired with the Trend Zones layer, make it possible to identify issues early—while there is still time to correct them. Post-treatment flights with Trend Zones show the efficacy of management decisions. Sorting by the Yield Risk metric can help identify new and unexpected issues across the entire operation throughout the season. 

Heat Seeker

Heat Seeker identifies abnormally hot and cold areas to provide added support in locating crop stress. Heat Seeker can identify environmental extremes when planning for planting and harvest, as well as spotting tile line, drainage, or irrigator issues. Heat Seeker is a powerful diagnostic tool to not only identify crop stressors but help answer the question of why they are experiencing stress.