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No one is in a better position to help you manage information about your fields on an ongoing basis than AgVantage FS. The information management tools we utilize allow us to accurately gather a range of field information, analyze the information, and then make recommendations to maximize economic yield. When you enroll in the AgVantage FS Data Value System, you are on track to minimizing environmental impact while optimizing economic yield.

Data Value System Features

  • Soil test results from grid sampling, including soil type and CSR maps
  • Variable rate nutrient recommendations for phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen
  • Variable rate fertilizer from GPS yield data
  • Variable rate seeding recommendations
  • Recommendations utilizing layered data
  • Agronomic data analysis
  • As applied planter and application reports and maps
  • Multi-year yield analysis and reports
  • Weekly geo-referenced crop scouting reports during the growing season (optional)
  • Year-end summary of yield limiting factors for grower’s operation (optional)
  • Advanced Field Analysis