Data Value System

No one is in a better position to help you manage information about your field on an ongoing basis than AgVantage FS.  The information management tools we utilize allow us to accurately gather a range of field information, analyze the information and then make recommendations to maximize economic yield.

How we differ from our competitors

  • AgVantage will provide you with more than just a map
  • We have support teams that are experts in Precision Farming Technology
  • We utilize actual yield performance to determine fertilizer, lime, and crop protection recommendations
  • We layer information to make better agronomic decisions, including crop monitoring and field imagery
  • We have tools that can illustrate economic return based on crop inputs, yield and grain prices
  • We have the ability to measure results and record data
  • We utilize industry benchmarks to make accurate decisions and provide sound recommendations
  • We have the ability to work with information gathered from all brands of equipment

Data Value System Features

  • Variable rate nutrient recommendation for phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen
  • Variable rate fertilizer from GPS yield data
  • Variable rate seeding recommendations
  • As-applied planter and application reports and maps 
  • GPS yield data analysis
  • CSR and soil type maps